Having trouble getting fusion 360 on my new laptop

So I decided to buy a new laptop today… it’s an hp envy x360… ryzen 7 processor, 256ssd… I know very little about computers, but I downloaded fusion 360 on my desktop which is a mac and now I’m trying to get it on my laptop. I’m not going to use the mac at all for anything. I just put it on there to try and get familiar with the world of cad. Now I’m sitting here pulling my hair out because I can’t seem to get 360 on my new laptop. Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance… and I’ll throw it out there again, if anybody is in the Pacific northwest area… I have a lot of materiel (stainless, mild steel, aluminum, ar400, ar500,T1) I would love to do some horse trading with. I need all the knowledge I can get for this stuff! :exploding_head:

I guess my question is do I need to get the “free 30 day trial”? I’m just a hobbyist and wont be making over 100k a year

Sorry to anyone that was going to assist in my stupidity… I figured it out and now have fusion 360 on my new laptop…


You will need to download it on your laptop from the website. Fusion has different installers for Mac and PC. So you can’t use the same installer for both.
Download the trial and log in with the account you setup on the mac should do the trick.

(I see you figured it out but this is just in case someone else runs into the issue.)