Having trouble getting a file to cut (Solved)

Ok, at it again…so trying to make something for a friend and looks like it should cut…but can’ get it to cut…about to start fresh, other than he’s be coming down form Michigan in 2 days and was trying to have it done for him. Had it almost perfect, but needed to spread out the bridges on a few letters now because first test cut they couple centers of letters still cut too much out.
olds now I can’t even get the processes without skipping cuts of a few letters.

What are you using for software?

I’m using Fusion 360

can you upload your F3D file?

Oldsmobile v4.f3d (1.1 MB)

I am new to fusion and thought I could help, I see there is a problem but not sure what it is.
@TinWhisperer he might be able to help if someone else does jump in.

Sorry I could not help.

np…thanks for trying atleast. Yeah @TinWhisperer has helped me in the past…trying not to make this a habit…lol

I do see something looks weird when I look at named views. Something weird with the one named “Home”. Almost looks like parts of the letters stick above the rest. I just looked at your file and there is something weird with that view,

yeah, I’m not sure.

Cant sleep so I’ll check this on on the stream at about 2:20 am mst

Oldsmobile v4 tin lf.f3d (1.5 MB)


Yeah, not using a Esab because it’s a high frequency machine , I’m using a Primeweld Cut60

Make sure you stop back and let us know how the Tin modified file worked.

Worked perfectly, can’t wait till I pick this up like @TinWhisperer. I’m so use to Laser cutting and engraving, I guess I was naive to think it was as simple. Got to learn the kerf and spacing makes alot more difference on plasma than lasers.


Looks good and I marked this post solved.

It looks great.

I think they’ll be thrilled.

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Well, only if they still like Oldsmobile. Is that still a brand?

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Tornado …

Cutlass Supreme…

Pretty epic vehicles.

And not to mention the Delta 88 I had two different friends that had those vehicles and that was a lot of car.

I would love to see a 12 valve 6bt Dodge diesel in any one of those three cars. (Well I guess not the tornado without a crazy amount of rework)

Almost nothing cooler than American muscle roll’n coal

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My friend Retired from Oldsmobile…though he’s still a GM fan boy.

To my question of it still being a brand (from one of the interweb):
“Defunct: April 29, 2004; 18 years ago”

Not dissing the brand, only asking the question of its existence.

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Good tip on adding the corner radius. I have had several letters that Manu refused to tool path and I had no idea why. This gives me a direction to try.

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