Having some trouble piercing

I’m trying to cut some 3/8 AR 500. The arc cuts out before it pierces. I have the pierce delay set to 1.5 seconds and it still won’t do it . When I fire the torch manually with the f5 button…it pierces just fine. What gives. Work clamp is attached to the sheet. Strange. Ant help would be awesome

My first thought would be to check the height of the torch where it is trying to pierce at, maybe your table or gantry got out of level some how? I don’t remember if you are one with the THC or not, so if you are then disregard this whole comment.

Good luck

Any chance your pierce is set to milliseconds in mach3

I figured it out guys. A bonehead move. I must’ve bumped the face of the machine. It was on air test. Pressed one button and solved the problem.