Having issues w/ set up and tear down! (Solved - alignment issues)


I have some photos of my build. I am hoping someone can chime in here:

  1. These next photos are the stanchion plates on all four sides:

  1. The last photo is the build so far…

I am having trouble. Obviously…anyway.

I am missing the holes in the riser from the first four photos. I can see them in through this photo:

Do you see my mistake or do I have to drill them out?


P.S. Please send guidance or ideas.

Hello Again,

Is the Y-Axis upside down? Is that possible?


P.S. Yeppers…it was upside down… Sheesh.

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Yikes and Okay,

So…I made it to the electronics. Phew. Anyway, the motors are made by Langmuir Systems? Nice…

My coupler seems to be a bit off. Actually, both couplers are a bit off.


P.S. I have the four set screws that clamp the, via the coupler, the motor to the lead screw. There is a gap of sorts…

Maybe I am missing something again and again and again?

@marlo Welcome to The Forum looks like you’ll be throwing Sparks soon

A gap between the motor shaft and the lead screw? Or a gap on the actual coupler itself where it doesn’t close all the way?

Both of these would be normal, those couplers don’t close all the way and the shaft and the lead screw do not need to touch.

A pictures worth a thousand words.


Welcome to the forum. Your almost there!

If the gap you are referring to is the coupler to stepper shaft, you can see in Langmuirs video that is normal.


Hello @TinWhisperer ,

Seth here. Yeppers. I figured it out and man…to start complaining here! Ha.

  1. My tools have been invalid so far
  2. I was lucky to find the exact matches in Allen Wrenches…
  3. I have a large sum of, “scattered,” Allen Wrenches that once belonged in a nice, neat package

I found so far a 3, 3.5, and 4 Allen Wrench cannot work at times when I needed them to work. I know…backwards thinking.

If what you say is correct about the couplers, I am going to test the rig w/out further inspection.

I finally got the machine put together and the lineage of XY will get balanced well. What exact match of Allen Wrench goes to the couplers?

My rations are short lived in Allen Wrenches when I need them the most right now.


P.S. @Wsidr1 , thank you for the video. I will watch it soon. Oh and that X-Axis motor was tricky only for one socket head cap screw. Bottom Right!

Oh and @TinWhisperer , I will get a visual in the form of a photo soon of the parts and the coupler attaching the parts.

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@TinWhisperer ,

Here are the photos. Sorry it took me so long.


I am not sure if this is a big issue, i.e. as I have not yet tested the steppers.


P.S. I may have configured the build inappropriately. I say that b/c the I have not tightened the lead nut on the lead screw yet. I am not sure this will make a difference but this may be what happened! I will test it soon…


So, here is my issue I presume. Do I tighten the nut screw down to the hardware w/ the bolts and nuts and washers before or after attaching the motors to the couplers w/ the lead screw?


Have you followed the assembly instructions found here? CrossFire PRO Assembly Guide | Langmuir Systems

The distance between the lead screw end support bearing and the stepper motor is a fixed distance. If the coupler is not centered to your liking, loosen all 4 bolts and center it between the stepper shaft and the lead screw.

To answer your other question, the lead nut mounting screws do not get tightened until a later step in the assembly.



I will check things out again and again. I will read ahead in the assembly part to see when exactly the lead but screws get tightened.


Hello @ds690 ,

Seth here. I followed the instructions and my machine knows its home, can traverse, and it is all set up and working.

Now, I need to alter the inner workings of the wiring on the cutter and BAM, in business!


P.S. Thank you and everyone else for putting up w/ my odd behavior. Anyway, I hope to get my first cut in the next couple of weeks.


Okay and Okay and Okay,

So, I have been trying to level this machine. I have a video in case people are hesitant to help since I may have put the machine together incorrectly. So, w/out further ado, here…

Very short video of me moving from left to right to show off the machine set up. Pardon my extremely slow talking. Alright…


P.S. If you see my set up and have feedback, please confirm my build was correct or faltered.

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Okay, we can finally say this is a wrap. The machine is aligned!


P.S. Done! Now, onto testing the connection made to the plasma machine…does it fire when it is supposed to fire? I shall be able to tell soon. Phew.

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