Having a little trouble finding / adding FireControl post to Fusion360 (Solved)

The title says it all almost. I am ADHD and Dyslexic so this is extra challenging for me. I tried to follow the instructions on Autodesk’s website but I couldn’t find Langmuir Systems FireControl in their list of post processors. I also couldn’t find the answer here on the forum, even though I’m pretty sure it’s been covered adequately. I’m not giving up, just asking for a little assistance.

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You have to download the post processor from langmuir’s download page. I am not sure f360 has it listed.

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That is the problem I am trying to solve. I download FireControl but I can’t gets Fusion360 to post to it because it isn’t listed in the library. Is there a way to output the tool path I generated in Fusion360?

@ADHDmachinist welcome.

I will do a quick live stream to show you how this is done.

I’ll start in about 10 minutes


Thank you very much for the video. it was perfect!


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I will mark this Solved! That I can do

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