Have I killed my Power Supply? [SOLVED]

Good Evening All,

A little while ago I bought the THC upgrade kit for my Gen 1 Crossfire. Yesterday I threw everything together and got to the stage of powering up for the first time. The instant I applied power I heard a bang and the garage power was tripped.

I knew instantly that it was the Power Supply input setting as I had forgot to check it. I whipped the cover off and sure enough it was set at 110v and I had just applied 220v!

Hopefully I haven’t caused a heap of secondary damage? If the power supply is dead (which it appears to be after initial readings), I’ll just get a new one. I do have the old enclosure which has its own Power Supply but, unsure if it’s compatible? So with all the above summarized in the follow dot points:

  • Does the power supply have any built in protection circuit to protect it from over vaults?

  • Are Gen 1/2 power supplies compatible?

  • What are the specs of the Gen 2 Power Supply?

thanks in advance.


To clarify, you supplied 220V to the Crossfire Controller?

I would expect that mistake to only affect the fuse on the power supply (I think it’s built into the power cord connector), but, I suppose some of the PS components might have gotten fried. Replacing the PS is relatively easy. If LS can’t cover it under warranty they are easy to find on Amazon and elsewhere.


Thanks TomWS, yes I applied 220v the Crossfire Controller while the PS was set at 110v. I’ll check the PS fuse. I wasn’t aware it had one. An easy check with a multi-meter.

If the PS is fried, I do have the PS from my Gen 1 Controller, so if they are similar, I could just swap it out?

If it puts out 36v DC, it should work.

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I believe a 10A supply is sufficient for a 2x2, make it 14A for a table with 2 x Y axis, 1 X, and 1 Z. And, as @ds690 points out 36 Volts. The Stepper drivers used in the original were TB6600 type drivers that wouldn’t handle a higher voltage.

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TomWS, I pulled my old Elec enclosure apart and compared the PS. They are the same. I swapped them over and all appears to be working now.

My next issue is Limit Switch setup but, I’ve posted that in the Software Forum.