Has anyone tried online classes for fusion 360

Well I got fusion downloaded and have seen lots of youtube videos and have made decent progress learning how to run. My wife suggested maybe finding a class or taking an online class that might teach fusion 360. I have googled it once or twice, and thought maybe this forums members could recommend a class for beginners? So looking for suggestions

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To my mind the Product Designs Online, Learn Fusion 360 in 30 days series is great.

Follow them in series, don’t skip around. He builds on previous lessons. Each lesson is brief and very clear. Do each one with Fusion open and doing it along with him. Use a laptop for the lesson and your desktop for running Fusion if you only have only monitor. Pause the playback at each step - I thought I’d wear out the pause button! :slightly_smiling_face:

Then find a post by @TinWhisperer (you may have to search as he doesn’t post very often :roll_eyes: in this forum, click on his avatar and you’ll find links to his videos that are specifically for plasma cutting.


Best videos out there… This guy does a series too… https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMnCGKiZ1oZ4dLbaEhs5RX0gLNjdIrb4Q

NYC CNC online classes in Fusion 360. Its $100 to sign up. If you do the whole class and still can’t use Fusion, I don’t know what to say.
Its about metal machining not wood working.


I looked into the official Autodesk onsite classes. Too rich for my blood. They are tailored to the design engineers. I wouldn’t be using Fusion 360 every day so would likely forget most of it. I might take them if I had an MR-1 Gantry Mill. They have cources that cover the CAM features of F360.

I bought a beginners book. Was helpful to me.

I recommend using the video series mentioned in this thread.

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I also looked all over online, local college ad in newspapers social media etc.
Best I found …. Varsity Tudors they do all kinds of tutoring. Ask for this teacher, he really knows fusion 360 and does it though zoom. Milan Kidd only this teacher he will go over any part of 360 you want or don’t understand!,


Yes ! Looked all over finely found an instructor with this company called varsity tutors. His name is Milan Kidd ! Knows his stuff. Works on any program doesn’t work on a set learning program. So if you have a problem he will work you through it. With me he sends detailed instructions via email nice backup.
Does all his classes via zoom so you are moving mice around steep by step

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Tyler Beck has a very easy to follow teaching style. Most of his videos are aimed at the beginner and he breaks the concepts down to easily digested chunks.

I also second @TomWS recommendation for Product Designs Online. He is currently in the middle of putting out an updated 30 day series for 2023.

There are lots of free, good resources out there.


Good to know! Maybe I’ll take a refresher! Thanks.

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One thing to consider when looking at any online course is how current the material is. Fusion 360 is constantly being updated, tools can be moved, added, deleted, merged or otherwise changed in ways that can make training materials obsolete after an update. It’s frustrating to watch a video and try to follow along only to realize things have changed and I can’t find or use a tool the way it was presented. Sometimes I can figure it out, sometimes not. So I personally try to stay away from material that is over a year old. Just something to keep in mind.