Harley Docking Brackets

Anyone here drawn up the profile for the H-D softtail docking points?


Maybe, I just finished a project on a 2023 sportster. Do you know if the mount points are the same? If so i could draw them up for you.

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I’m not sure if it’s the same or not. Cool project BTW. Bike is in winter storage so I can’t measure it right now. Was going to pull it out this week but now might get snow. I’m looking to make something like this. Your fender is probably narrower but that doesn’t matter if the profile between the mounting points are the same.

Well, I can create a svg of it if you want. I tried to research if they were equidistant to others or not but had no luck in determining that answer.

Yeah if you could I would appreciate it. I couldn’t find the answer either. They are probably just slightly different so the Mo-Co can sell more parts. I can draw the part and move the mounting points where the should be later.

Thanks for your help.

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quick connect bracket for sportster
here it is in svg form. The solitary notch should measure .675 across. You can use that to ensure it scales properly. I show the hole to measure .58 as well.

@DnKFab I appreciate it! Once I get 5 minutes to do something I will get this part made.

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