Happy Halloween to all metal burners out there!

Not sure about all of you…but this scares the Crap out of me!!!


@toolboy for sure that is a scary sight. I work for a truck dealership and I wish i had the money spent of CEL repairs every day. They can range from couple hundred bucks to over 30 grand, yes 30 grand just for CEL being on.

Happy Halloween to everyone!!!

But, But, But… Halloween is next week.

It scared me for the first year. After a while you get used to it. I have found that a little electrical tape can go a long way to calm the nerves…. Jk​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

Actually a girl I dated a while back had a newish Porsche… she took it to the dealer for the CEL and that was one of the suggestions… no kidding.


What were the other suggestions your girl got?

I wish I could remember exactly…

As I recall it was kinda a generic fault and wasn’t due to any serious issue and she was annoyed that she would bring it in fairly regularly and they would read the codes and reset it only to have it come back one a month or so down the road.

My guess is they were as sick of hearing from her as she was having the light come on. Told her that to get rid of her.

That was 6 years ago.

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A lot of codes are like that just called nuisance codes. I had a pickup that would set oxygen sensor codes couple times a year. Kept a 30 dollar code reader in the truck. Cleared it when it set. Always passed emissions inspection. 10 years and i guess 175k miles finally sold it never changed the sensor lol

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