Guys who sell, what size stock do you use most?

So I have a few friends, smaller companies approach me for suspension parts, side by side parts and other things mostly automotive or recreation.

I went to my steel supply and bought 1/8”, 16g and 20g sheet with some 1/2” and 10g scrap pieces.

But I don’t have the funds or space to house every thickness of metal on hand.

What are the most common or sheet sizes you keep on hand for stock and products?

I figured the sizes I bought would be the most common but I’m curious on what is actually most used or common for stock to keep on hand.

I like to keep these materials racked at the shop pre-cut into 48 by 32-in pieces for my crossfire pro.

14 ga mild steel
14 ga mild steel
10ga mild steel
1/4" plate
.125" aluminium
.25" aluminium

Other full sheet materials I keep stocked in the shop that I do use on the plasma time to time .

26ga galvanized
24ga satin coat
24ga galvanized
20ga galvanized
16ga galvanized
14ga stainless steel