Guess I forgot the Intro...Hi from North Idaho

Had to spend some money in December so decided to buy the XR and really enjoying it. Of course I waited til it showed up before I informed my wife. She is just so, umm, excited about it.
We live in N. Idaho and have always done a lot of woodworking and architectural metal but this is my maiden voyage into this type of metal work. I do have a full wood and sheetmetal shop and this is a nice addition to it.
Am finding it all very fascinating and am envisioning so many ways this incorporates nicely into the things I already do. I should have done this years ago.
Really appreciate all the helpful info on here and I hope I don’t annoy too many with my novice questions


You might be next door neighbors with @TinWhisperer , he’s just across the border…

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Welcome, what town you in?, I lived in Fernwood when younger my dad owned logging company. After I graduated High school, I moved to Forks Washington (the logging capitol of the world).
The XR has been a great table for me, enjoy.

Born and raised in Spokane/CDA area. Have tried to move elsewhere but just have never been comfortable living anywhere else. Fernwood isn’t far away but I don’t travel that highway much. Yes, TinWhisperer is just north of me. In my opinion in one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. In my younger years spent lots of time up there playing soccer in about every town around there and trips to Invermere, Banff, Lake Louise


What do you think of the potential of the eastern half of Oregon joining Idaho? I guess it’s up to 15 Oregon counties that have made motions in that direction and it seems that Idaho is receptive.

Just like the north/south freeway to Canada, this has been a discussion around here for my entire life. At least they are slowly building the freeway finally. There was always the topic of eastern washington and N Idaho as a separate state also. I personally like and understand the idea of some autonomy from the big urban areas that control what happens in Eastern Oregon as well as Eastern Washington, but I’m also a realist…those same entities will never let that happen.

We natives really like our life here and would kindly request that everyone continue to tell everyone that we here in North Idaho are nothing but a bunch of backwoods redneck white supremacists here if you could. Thank You on behalf of all of us backwoods redneck white supremasists