Grounding interference solved!.....I wish

I will offer one tweak I am performing - adding a ferrite core to the USB cable - surely that’s suggested elsewhere - compensating for my misdirection :nerd_face:


That is widely agreed upon and I doubt you will find any dissenters. Good to remind people.

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I can’t pass up a challenge! :nerd_face: :rofl:

I recommend a USB cable with built in Ferrites at both ends, with gold plated connectors. The built in ferrites wrap the USB twisted pairs around the ferrite donut, rather than the whole insulated cable.


@Atreides at one-point Langmuir recommended the following to combat EMI.

FireControl Freezing During Cutting & How to Fix it! - CrossFire ® PRO - Langmuir Systems Forum


Well played!!!


Just remember!!! No limit switches :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh John! We were having such a civil conversation here. And you had to go and do that!!! :rofl:

I hate those things… Just kidding anyway.


Agreed…I literally only use them to home the machine at the end of the day. They do not bother me now that I have turned off the soft limits.

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yeah see this is the thing… most people will never have the problem… but i like to get ahead of potential problems just in case i do. because if i was on a bigger budget then i’d have gotten a different system and just called tech support to deal with it. lol. but there’s something to be said for learning whats behind the scenes first and then moving up to better plug and play stuff later on if things go well.