Grit from plasma cutting

New to the forum and plasma cutting in general. Currently my shop is mainly dedicated to machining and therefore I have precision machinery that I would like to protect. Using the water table, how much airborne material can I expect and is it abrasive like aluminum oxide? Obviously it will be job dependent, so maybe assume 100 cut inches in 1/4" mild steel.

Thanks in advance - D

I have been cutting with my pro table with Greencut treated water for about 10 months.
I have noticed a fine coating of black dust on everything…messy stuff…
if you are worried about your other equipment and you have the space…build a partial enclosure around your table and add a basic air filer to pull air from the table area back into the shop or better outside.

remember…you are burning metal…there is dust and the fumes can be powerful.

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I’d suggest building screens or walls and ensure proper ventilation.