Greetings from the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan

Greetings from the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Winter is on the way and so too will be a new Crossfire Pro.

Looking forward to interacting with you all.

Have lots of experience with adobe illustrator and a laser but none with fusion 360 and a cnc plasma table. I’m sure I’ll be pawing around for assistance sooner or later.



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@MapleLeafRanch Welcome to The Forum

Welcome to the forum. Adobe Illustrator and SheetCam will be a happy combination for you!

Welcome…we have few other Michigan folks on here. If you need anything getting started let me know.

Welcome to the forum and get ready for something to knock your socks off. That is…if you wear socks.

My granddaughter came up to me a few hours ago and said “What are you working on?” I said I was working on making some metal boxes to add back up lights to my dump trailer (which happens to be at their house). Last night, while trying to back in their dark driveway, I could not see where the trailer was. Nor could I see where his equipment trailer with excavator and his father’s brand new Air Stream trailer.

This is what Fusion 360 helped me draw up:

She looked at it and said “You are drawing that up so you can have someone send you the pieces to put together?”

I replied “No. I have metal and I am going to cut out these pieces and put it together.”

She was shocked and that is what is done everyday with these machines.


@MapleLeafRanch welcome to the forum! I have had the pleasure of traveling your entire state from north to south for work! You live in a beautiful part of the world!


at the moment it’s real nice with all the fall color. Just wish it was a bit warmer and dryer. Perfect weather to be in the shop.


I’ve made something similar out of wood on the laser to hold a bottle of wine. Don’t you just love technology!

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