Greetings from New England!

Good morning, I’m Mike from new england. I’m very interested in either purchasing or building a small plasma table to get my feet wet and learn. I came across this forum while researching the primeweld 60 amp machine torch options. This website is set up very nicely and I immediately found what I was looking for so I made an account! I’ve done mechanical work my whole adult life and quite a bit of welding so I’m syched to get to play around with one of these tables. Nice to meet everyone :blush:.

Welcome! You’ll have a blast! Literally! :grin:

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Where are you in NE? I’m in CT.

Have you bought a Crossfire or still looking at table options?

I haven’t bought one yet, the backorder status and covid delays made me question it for now. They are reasonably priced though. The price point draws me in I guess. How’s your experience been with the pro table?

I had the original (batch 2), modified it with the XL upgrade and then was amongst the first in line for the Pro. I had great success with the Gen 1 and the XL upgrade allowed me to use all of the water tray area. I got the Pro so I could go bigger on the table without indexing. I never had issues with Mach 3 so didn’t really need Firecontrol although that’s now standard with the standard Crossfire (Gen 1 version).

I used a Razorweld 45 for the first year or so without any problems before moving to a Hypertherm with a machine torch.

Which one to get depends on you finances, space and what you’re planning to do. The original is compact (more than the Pro anyway) and can handle most anything because if you index the design you can go past the table size for your work, just need some outfeed rollers. I had to clear some more space in the garage to out the Pro. If you’re going to do stuff that’s bigger than the table routinely then the step up to the Pro is good. And right now it’s the only version with IHS & THC although those are supposed to be coming for the 2x2 table sometime.

There are folks here who prefer Mach 3 over Firecontrol because they’re using that for their other CNC machines too. Wasn’t an issue for me but not an option anymore from Langmuir. I’m fine with Firecontrol because all of my CNC stuff uses different control programs.

I still have my original machine (the guy who was going to buy it last year had Covid related issues so backed out). I’ve kept it as a backup but mostly that’s just what I tell my wife so she doesn’t cart it away to the dump :slightly_smiling_face:


Wouldn’t happen to want to let it go cheap would ya? :grin:

I came into this with zero CNC experience. in fact I worked with wood most of my pre-management career…got into metal as a hobby…found this and wham…love it.

nothing comes without some challenges …so if you come in expecting plug and play…not going to happen.
research your software options for design and post processing…things like sheetcam…inkscape…conFusion360…and many more free and paid options.

it is a great table to lear off of as you can modify it all you want…or leave it a it is sold…

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I’m more expecting to make alot of mistakes haha. From what I’ve read the small non pro table sounds like it needs some tinkering but like you say it’s a learning experience. I could spend more but I’d rather learn on something affordable and learn the software (which I know nothing about) I’m happy I found this website, it appears to be pretty active and has the answers to questions I’m curious about. I appreciate the feedback.

Oh forgot to say I live in NH

Welcome Wrenchmoney, I purchased the CF Pro with the Razorweld 45, I use Confusion (Fusion 360) only for Post Processing the g-code, I use BobCad for my design work. I was lucky! Mine was Plug and Play.
I’m in Cass County, Michigan

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That’s great it was plug and play genesibley. How did you go about learning to write the code for doing the cutting paths? One other question I have about these tables is the drive screw, is that a big issue with binding or getting dirty during prolonged operation?

You don’t need to worry about that. You’ll create a drawing (or use someone else’s). Then using a program like Fusion or Sheetcam you’ll tell it which lines you want to cut in which way (outside the line, inside the line or on the line). You’ll also tell it what speed to use (faster = less power delivered to the material cutting point). Then you push a button and the program writes the G-Code.

Then you fire up the Crossfire, load that G-Code and it follows the cutting instructions embedded in the G-Code.

Of course there are details to all those steps, but programming G-Code isn’t something you need to do (although you can if you really want to :slightly_smiling_face:).

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there are guys here that are running 2 tables and mass production…so the screws are not an issue on the average.
Just make sure your ganrties always slide smooth…you can pull the drive screws and push the gantries around with next to no resisitance then you should have no problems.
stick ganrty can lead to worn or problems with the couplers at the motors…worn bearings…poor cuts.

keep them clean and with fine machine oil…


@toolboy that’s relieving to hear, I’m unloading a motorcycle hopefully this weekend so I’ll get to start shopping around for a cutter and table. @jamesdhatch what would want for your 2x2 table?

As @jamesdhatch has said about g-coding you don’t have to know how because the CAM program or Post Processor will write the code for you. Knowing g-code is pretty handy though! If you want to change part of a program; you will be able to. I learned g-code about 35 years ago. You can search the Internet for books about it. I was able to get the g-code info from Haas web site, and Milltronics web site before they decided that only customers should have access.
As what @toolboy said about the balls crews, keep them clean, lubricated, and make sure the couplers from the screw to the motor are kept tight. If you have THC ( torch height control ) be sure to keep the Z axis ball screw and guide rails clean and check the rollers for debris as this can cause a problem too. As far as the gantry rails, keep them clean. If you have the water pan; do not run with out water. you can damage the pan.
As you can see; almost anyone is willing to help with problems and or answer questions.

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I really appreciate all the info guys, Can’t wait to be able to get started on this!