Greetings from downunder

Hi. I am wondering if you are able to dispatch to Australia or if you have an outlet here that I haven’t found? Very interested in your Crossfire unit.

Hi, Well, I am John and new over here and do not know where to start and just got to this.

Hey Steve,

I’ve got a Crossfire in Hobart, shipping was expensive and then get stung with import taxes but its worth it!

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Hi mate. Define expensive for me please? And I imagine the import tax was 10%?

Cheers for replying.

It was about $3k AUD landed. Yeah 10% GST

Cheers mate. Thanks for your reply.

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I’m in Geelong and got one of the earlier ones. Cost me $700 in shipping. There was some import duties (forget how much) but $3k landed sounds about right.

Cheers mate. How do you find it. Is it as easy as it looks on the videos?

It’s pretty easy. I think the cutting part is the easiest - although with everything new you learn when things are working and then stop for some reason it can be frustrating but as you get more skilled you don’t make those rookie mistakes.

Probably the more difficult bit is the programming. I had some background in drafting/CAD so drawing shapes/designs was ok (but hadn’t used Fusion 360 before) but the setup and Mach3/gcode thing was a bit of a challenge. Once you figure it out though it is fairly repeatable - ie you write down what works (through trial and error) and stick to your routine.

This forum is very good too.

All in all it’s a good product - and if you have time, patience and a willingness to google or ask questions on this forum I think it’s manageable.


Success is all about attitude :+1:

This post should be highlighted on the Langmuir site with this warning “if you can’t commit to all of these, you should move on”.


Hi Steve
I’m in Australia too, and wondering what plasma cutters are compatible. Preferably one that could be just plug and play (I.e not needing any wiring to be done)