Greetings from Dallas, TX

Hi there!

Been doing hobby welding since about 2014, with an HTP Mig200 welder, and just very recently started with TIG, with an used HTP Invertig 201 - their first gen :grinning:

My first project way back 2014 was of course a welding table: Two slabs of 36" long, 12" wide, 1/2" thick hot rolled, which gave me a working size of 2’ by 3’. Of course the top warped since I didn’t know back then much yet (I claim I only know a “little” more now) but it served its purpose for many projects for me and my close friends.

Now with Tig, I am tired of the warped/non flat surface of my welding table so decided to start shopping around, and after a month or so of reviewing, watching videos, etc., just ordered the ArcFlat welding table :grinning:

I know there is a long wait, but I am looking forward to finally having a nice and flat welding surface :smiley:

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Hello and welcome for Leander TX

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