Greetings from Chattanooga TN

After an agonizing wait my first box has shipped. Order 246xx. Took Fusion classes at local college to get ready. Well I think I am. Got the Pro with a Everlast 82i. Drove in grounding rod that ended up at 1.25 ohms to earth. Hopefully I will not have any EMI issues. Here I am stressed out about things and don’t even have it yet.

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This could be interesting…

Where do you intend to attach the ground wire to the Pro??

remember that the Everlast series has some issues with divided voltage. I have posted photos of where the best place to get actual voltage inside the plasma unit…
other than that it is a great powerful machine…I have the 62i and love it.

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Thank you for the update. I’m just going to wire it to raw voltage and be done with it. Hard to believe that with all the feedback to Everlast that they haven’t fixed this. Whatever that’s the plan anyway.

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I’ve got a 60s and couldn’t get either the raw or the lower voltage to work correctly through the cnc connector.


Steve, I think you have to bypass the CNC connector all together for correct RAW voltage… I think it’s preferred to go right into the machine…

Use the CNC just for torch triggering…

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I guess that means opening it up. What did you connect your leads to and how do you exit the case.

Haven’t done mine yet… Waiting for all of the PRO table to show up before doing that operation. I plan on following @toolboy directions on my 50s.

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