Green Cut suppliers on east coast

Any suppliers for Green Cut on the east or north east coast?

I have used green cut…and I have used sterling cool…and I have used home mixtures…
Sterling cool so far ranks higher for me…

just a thought

Ok, How about a supplier for that?

depends on where you live…google serach “sterling cool plasma”…you will find a supplier

Be a decent human and just post a link you maniac. Kidding. Love me some tool boy.

Thanks Brownfox

Being new to all of this could someone please explain why a premium plasma water table fluid is necessary?

It’s not completely necessary. Some people use borax/washing soda and other mixtures to treat their water. There’s a lot of info and opinions on this in the forum, just do a search and take a look.

The fluid concentrate works for me and I like it.

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I like it as I can cut metal and let it drip dry and it never rusts…I mean never…no flash rust…no slime residue…no smoke to speak of…

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Got my Sterling Cool anyone got a good mix ratio for the pro Table


I just followed the mix ratio on the pail for 15 gallons. So for the recommended 20:1, I put in 3/4 gallon and then filled the remainder of the 15 gallon tank with water. Fills it to about 1/4” from the top edge of the pan.

Great Thanks