Great first experiences

I received my Crossfire last week, and finally had a chance to assemble it this weekend. First off, props to them for fitting so much stuff into such a small box! It was all there though, and all very well organized. The video tutorials for assembly made it simple to set up. The big test though was going to be customer service. Through no fault of theirs or mine, one of my bearings broke during the initial assemble. It must have been a manufacturing problem, as it didn’t really take much at all for it to break. Despite that, I was able to set it all up and make my first cuts with very little trouble. I did have to re-adjust my axis lead nuts a bit as I had some binding, then I was good to go. The real test was when I reached out to them to see how the Issue would be handled. I was very pleased when they responded to my email inquiry on Sunday night and we had a conversation back and forth about the problem. They are sending the replacement part out right away. All in all I am very impressed with both the quality of the product and the quality of the service I have received. So those of you that are nervous about it, don’t be!

Below is a picture of my first cut. Just some random shapes to see how it did in 1/8" plate. I am very pleased with it for a first try.


Hi @scoutfab, we really appreciate these kind words! However, its unfortunate that you had to encounter that issue in the first place and we are sorry about that. Our mission is to deliver a product that arrives to every customer with zero defects and zero assembly issues. We have studied the broken bearing issue, believe that we found a root cause, and have implemented corrective actions. In parallel, we are switching over to a higher quality bearing for good measure.

Have fun with your machine and please post pictures of your future projects!


I got my machine today. I’m so busy with stuff I dont even have time to wipe but I found time to put it together, run break in and run a couple projects I made yesterday learning Fusion 360. Langmuir tutorials are the best. It’s the nuts and bolts of what you need to learn. Product came in good shape, only one ding in the paint probably from shipping. Who cares. Took 3 hours while watching Langmuir how to videos from delivery to running break in. You guys thought this stuff though and did a great job especially for a startup. I’ve only done a couple no torch runs(my torch was a HF style so new one be here in couple days) and it works great. So so far Im a happy camper.