Greasing the machine

What type of grease is recommended to grease the CrossFire? Lithium? Any specific brand etc.?

Ive been using a synthetic grease called super lube.Its on Amazon.

Are you using the aerosol?

Langmuir recommended just oil. 3-in-1 is likely fine. Grease may be more likely to hold metal bits that could chew up the lead nuts since they’re not metal themselves.

Anyone try any of this

So far that’s what I have been using on the Plasma table. I have been using it on my larger format 3d Printer for a couple years holds up to use very well and easy of application means I can just spray it on while the cuts are happening.

Bruce, do you get any build up from it?

none that I notice. It’s not like gooping wads of axle grease on it. If you run your finger over the screw you can feel a slippery film and over time it leaves a white haze but it’s not excessive.
I use the super lube mentioned above on my south bend lathe it feels more like petroleum jelly. The spray on white lithium is more like an oil that goes hazy over time.