Got to love a pro with thc

Hey all hope I don’t stir some stink I know to some it is a great debate. Here is why I love my THC even on 1/4 material.

Here is what 165 parts will do to new flat plate. Notice one corner even has a clamp.


I totally agree with you about the THC. But I gotta be honest, my first thought when I saw your pictures was “Man, those cutoffs would make a cool gate panel!”


The skeleton doesn’t have much left though. I space them out at .170 then there is the kerf that cuts out of that

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That’s a nice big nest. It’s a good thing that you did have your THC

Did you utilize sheetCAM s 'minimize thermal distortion" setting? It’s in the cutting rules.

“Minimise thermal distortion
This option tries to avoid cutting outlines that are close to other recently cut outlines.
This helps to spread the heat over the sheet and minimize distortion. Increasing
‘Preferred distance between cuts’ controls the minimum distance between adjacent cuts.
Increasing this value spreads the heat more evenly but increases overall cut time
because of the extra rapid moves between cuts.”


Actually I didn’t I knew it was there. The funny thing is as many sheets as I have cut it only warps in that one spot. I have more to cut out I may try it and see how much of a difference it will make.


Does Fusion automatically try to avoid overheating an area? I noticed on that Master Gardener award it was going all over the place when it was cutting. I assumed it was doing that to minimize heat. I posted it in the thread for “it’s been awhile, post those…”.

The warp would tend to occur near the edge and with all the material removed, there is no material left to sink the heat away, hence the warp.


Not yet.

Currently there are two options.

Preserver Order. Which cuts in the order the items were selected .


“The default is for Fusion 360 to optimize the order for the most efficient motion.”


@Phillipw could you post your g code. I

think it would be interesting to see the toolpaths along side the thermally distorted skeleton picture.

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Actually that side has 3 inches left on the side the other end maybe .25 to .375.

I will try later today. I do understand why it did what it did. There was 11 rows and 15 columns. It cut one row of 11 in the x then finished the last column in the y. Then it knocked out the columns out back across.

I know inquiring minds will do what they do. I just wanted to show how effective the THC could be. With that said I plan to do another run this afternoon I will re cam to see if the sheet warps less.


Took a quick look at the thermal distortion feature in sheetcam. it appears it will help in a particular part but not in a nest. i set it at 4 inches and 10 inches between parts seen no diffrence in the simulation. Maybe someone can correct me if i am wrong i am sure there is a work around… like i said before this distortion isnt a issure just wanted to show the results. maybe @LesNewell can tell us if there is a work around. i am sure you may be able to edit the starts.

@TinWhisperer here is the tap file if you want to look at it.
washers 34 by 48.tap (232.5 KB)

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Here is the path it took.

THC worked great!

That’s it… The side on the left only had about .25 to .375 skeleton the right side has 3 inches left. Warp happened in the middle more to the right.

Just for information that took the pro right at a hour with 41 minutes of arc torch on time.

Things like this are money makers for sure. In my area things like this will make more money than the artsy stuff and a lot less physical work.