Got 'er running!----> Everlast 50s question

Hey Gang… Just got my table and torch setup completed yesterday!! I’m so WIRED!!!

Anyways, as part of the process, I “dry fired” the 50s in open air not close to the table, ground, etc…and, it sort of “pulsed” on and off… I’m wondering if this is typical of a blowback/non HF/pilot arc style torch and cutter?? I assumed it was looking to establish an arc…

I later made some test cuts on the table using some SS door kickplates I brought home from work and it seemed to cut just fine. Of course, I need to dial the whole thing in but, it did cut what seemed to be in a normal fashion compared to videos I’ve seen… I have no other experience with plasma cutting so, there would be the reason for my question…

Immediately, the mind begins to spin… Oh!!! The things I want to try!!!

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First Cuts!! Had to touch the edges with a flap disk a bit…VERY happy!!


That looks good for your first try. The right air pressure, right consumables at the right amps for the thickness of the metal will make things go a little better.

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