Good place to buy Hypertherm 45xp?

Looking to possibly upgrade/switchover to a Hypertherm from my Everlast. Could place to purchase?


Hey Gunny, there is always Cybrrweld and a bunch of other internet sellers but I prefer to make these purchases from a local welding shop. When I need answers the local guys are always there for me, if I have a problem with a machine they let me borrow one until mine is back. Get your prices from the internet and go to the local shop and ask them what they can do for you. My shop always matches it within a few bucks.
Just be careful you don’t get screwed on accessories, I see some of the net companies pricing the Hypotherm’s without any torch. I would love to buy a Hypotherm right now but it just is not going to happen anytime soon.

Good luck!

so should I be looking at the 45xp with CPC or does that really matter? also, should I get the machine torch as well?


If your going Hypertherm don’t cheap out with a 45 go for the 85 with CPC and machine torch. Then upgrade to a nice 5 or 7 HP 80 gallon compressor to run it.

So the torch I bought from you had two wired coming out of it. Where do I hook those wires. You initially said to tape those wire off. The wire coming from the crossfire goes to the controller (cnc port) on the back of my Everlast. I have never been able to get this to work.

Do you even have a crossfire cnc table?

Are you an authorized Hypertherm reseller?

If the wires from your CNC port is not working your trigger to fire the torch, then its not working. Disconnect them from the port and hook up the two wires from the torch to the crossfire controller, then the torch should fire.

If you can’t get it to work you should call me.

No I am not a Hypertherm dealer.

Any authorized Hypertherm dealer can provide a Powermax system. The 45XP is good for gauge materials through 1/2" (piercing) or 1" (edge start). The 65 is rated for 5/8" pierce and 1-1/4" edge start, the 85 is 3/4" pierce and 1-1/2" edge start. The hand torch versions, if used on the Langmuir will need wiring modification in order to remote fire the torch from the cnc control, you can get that advice from Langmuir. If ordered with a machine torch the Powermax units will have a CPC interface port on the rear panel, pins 3 and 4 will fire the machine torch, easy to interface. Jim Colt


Thanks Jim. I’m thinking Monday I’m gonna run and pick one up - just not sure between 45 and 65.

I will tell you this… Buy the package with BOTH the 15degree and the 75 degree hand torches!!! This is awesome bargain and it makes it so you can leave the 15 degree torch on the Crossfire at all times. I moved the wire pin in the plug so the plasma cutter thinks it’s a machine torch!!!

Get this kit:

It’s only $150 more than the single torch kit. That’s a great deal IMHO.

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yeah thanks brother - that’s a great price over the $2620 for the machine and hand torch kit, with no cover.

You can but the Powermax45xp with a machine torch and a hand torch as well with a similar discount. When you buy with the machine torch you also get the CPC interface port…which is the safe way (and strongly suggested by me for safety reasons) to electrically interface the machine torch. I do not recommend jumpering or moving a pin inside the torch cable wiring as suggested here as this bypasses a critical safety feature in the plasma systems. Wired as Hypertherm recommends (CPC port for machine torch, trigger switch to fire hand torch) you simply unplug one torch then plug the other in and start cutting. If you jumper the safety circuit…and someone triggered the torch on output from the Langmuir (and the wrong torch was plugged in) there is potential for fire or injury. Hand torches should only fire from the trigger switch, machine torches from pins 3 and 4 on the CPC port. Jim Colt

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I will look into the combo (for lack of better wording) that includes the machine and hand torch.

From what I’ve found on the net it runs about $2620.00.

I bought mine on line I have a hypertherm 65 and love it