Good online place to buy Hypertherm?

I checked the Hypertherm website but it only gives information on online shopping and then gives my local results.

my local results are Airgas and the like. They don’t carry the “combo” I’m looking for and the discounts/promotions that the online stores are currently running.

currently I am looking at 3 online vendors;

Bakers Gas
Welders Supply Company

Does anyone have any feedback on these?



For online ordering I use Bakers. But I tend to use a local vendor for branded stuff (like Hypertherm accessories) - for commodity items I go online when the price difference is substantial (more than a few bucks - I’ve seen stuff with double the price which is silly).

so I went with Bakers Gas - phenomenal customer service. I will say this about Hypertherm authorized dealers/resellers/retailers - 3 out of the 4 that I talked to had little to no knowledge about the Hypertherm brand. I spoke to a local brick and mortar store here (AirGas), Hypermax (online), Welders Supply (online) and Bakers Gas.

One of them tried to sell me an altogether different brand. two of the others had no idea that model/sku 088131 is not to be sold in the US. Bakers customer service (at the initial point of sale) was outstanding. I recommend speaking to Marta, as George sounded like he was about to fall asleep. She was extremely brand knowledgeable.

It’s extremely frustrating to have a company sell a brand and not be familiar with it. I expected that from one of the online retailers, but not Hypermax and definitely not AirGas.

All but Bakers Gas would’ve had me pay 2-day shipping, which I would’ve gladly pay, except that the lead time from Hypertherm is already 3-4 days. By the time the reseller gets the items and then ships it to me it would be 7 or more days. Bakers told me this up front as if they talk with Hypertherm regularly or at least sell their product more frequently.

I’m completely satisfied spending my money at Bakers. I bought the Hypertherm 45xp with hand and machine torch, a couple extra swirl rings, fine cut consumables, the machine torch consumables kit (1/2 off) and the hand torch consumables (1/2 off).

I am hoping that there will be a noticeable difference in cut quality with this machine and overall performance over the Everlast brand. Don’t get me wrong, I like my Everlast products, but for the money of the Hypertherm - I hope I can tell the difference.

Bakers or Welding Supplies At IOC, both are solid choices.

I did Bakers and actually waiting on delivery now.

I bought a used Powermax 30Air from Welder’s Supply Company and they were great. I would definitely buy from them again.

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x2 for welders supply company! Couldnt find a better price for my powermax 45xp package except used. Also checked with hypertherm and they are a authorized online retailer so I felt more confident with purchasing consumables through them for my cutter.