Ghost Images After Deleting Sketch Lines Solved - strange geometry issue

Anybody know why these ghost images appear when I hover over the sketch name in the left menu after they have been deleted? I’ve seen this before but never understood the cause.

I am having trouble getting this sketch to extrude as a solid body and not just lines. Design is not finished but already giving me grief. I’m wondering if the remnants are part of the problem.

Appearance when I hover over sketch name

Edit: I have copied this into another sketch and they go away, but it still doesn’t want to extrude. Still interested in opinions on why they appear.

attach the file so others can try it

That might be an artifact that is showing through like this other posting:

For that situation, just clicking on sketch palette to Show “Profiles” the artifact went away and never came back: Even when you un-check the “Profile” box.

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@ChelanJim Thanks Jim, but I had seen that and tried before making this thread. No change.

@Knick Thanks for the offer.

Here’s the fille. Maybe the images are not part of why I can’t Extrude. I ran Fill Gaps on it and still no luck. I am going to scrutinize for issues more today, but feel free to try it out.

Badge Tribute v24.f3d (754.4 KB)

I could not get your image to accept the Profile. It kept giving this error, which you probably saw:

So I moved the eagle to the side, deleted half of the image and mirrored the other half. Changed the center line to construction. Moved eagle back in place and deleted some of the overlapping contours over the eagle. So you will notice that it is not exactly like your image as it is a mirror now.

Badge Tribute v24Chelan.f3d (2.5 MB)

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I was able to make a cut profile. The ghosts showed up there too, but did not become part of the cut profile.


Good job! I did not even try to go to manufacturing. That shows how far Fusion360 has come. Some of us are still stuck in the yesteryears ways :rofl: That is so “one year ago” of me.


I suppose I could post that file.

Badge Tribute v24 v1.f3d (924.4 KB)

Take a closer look there, there re many odd artifacts within the path you developed. Try to simulated the file


Yeah, I saw some odd mystery points in space, I could probably delete them and refresh. Maybe. I really don’t know what I am doing other than “WWTWD”



@Sticks here is a screen shot of the simulation error.

this is an odd tought error but I think I found the root cause and I’ll live stream a video about it in a few minutes.

Live Stream Channels

need a tea before i begin

EDIT: After video notes and files

Badge Tribute v24 tin mod from video.f3d (2.6 MB)

What an oddity . deleting one line and replacing fixed the issue from warning “Failed to generate profiles as, curves do not precisely overlap”


Darnit. Was hoping to catch the live version for once.


So Tin, it turned out that I was ‘lucky’ I picked the right side to mirror. I went back and tried to mirror the left side and it locked up my system.

Appreciate the in-depth discussion on the SYNC-consumables for Hypertherm and the same height for cut and pierce. Yes, 0.017 does seem phenomenal. It would be nice to hear back from someone with the SYNC consumables if they have seen this in real life.


@TinWhisperer @ChelanJim @Sticks

I know it is a messy sketch so I appreciate you even spending time on it. I was early in the development and saw it was not going well, so I asked for help. I had planned to clean up some of those issues, but felt first I’d better stop and see if it was salvageable.

Thank you for the time you guys put in figuring this out. Just watched the video, and in addition to the solution, I learned several other things.

I will mark this as solved thanks to you guys! :clap:


I really love working on these puzzles. They are always learning lessons for us all. Thank you Bret for asking us.

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@TinWhisperer @ChelanJim @Stick

Tin, thanks for the Extrude tip because the anchor didn’t extrude for me either, and like you said, I’ve had that happen before even on less janky sketches.

Had a few minutes last night to add some details. Thought I post again so you could better see the intent.

Friend of my brothers wanted to give her Dad a tribute for Christmas. She wanted to highlight his three big life pride points: marriage/children; Naval service; State Police career.

Its pretty basic but it captures all three. It’ll be layered with some colors and probably the anchor drop out re-used.

I’m gonna run it by her and let her request the “womans touches”. Us guys are like, “Well, all the facts are there.”. :grin: