Getting wavy cuts with .8mm tips

I am having trouble getting the parameters down for .8mm tips on 16g steel, I am running an everlast 62i with an ptm60 torch. I did some test cuts which turned out decent but when I decided to run some little tree designs it started out good but half way through would end up wavy. the parameters I am using are -110 ipm
-cut height 0.063 in
-pierce delay .35
pierce heigh .12
30 amp
cutting pressure 65 psi

If anyone has the same setup any advice would be appreciated, or if anyone has better baseline parameters I can go off of that would be great too. I’m not sure if the cut height is too close because stuff keeps getting stuck to the nozzle as it’s going, maybe different parameters would fix that? I ran that height with 1.1 tips on 16g steel and it worked fine, but I want to use these smaller tips because its all I have.

it goes around clockwise so it got more wavy as the cut went on.

What do you have for air filtration and water traps, have you physically checked cut height with feeler gauge? You could have coupler slippage .

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Take your cap off the torch and hold it up to the light. Make sure all of the tiny holes in it are clear. I’ve had similar issues with a PTM 60 torch, when a couple of those holes were plugged.


I’ll try that, it’s pretty well a new cap though, but I did buy it off amazon with a kit of 1mm tips and electrodes, (the electrodes were the wrong thread pitch)

I don’t think it has anything to do with the cutting tip, unless it was getting burnt out.
Cut height looks ok, have you checked it with a gauge?
Pierce delay should be .5
pierce height .15
amps and air looks fine.
I am guessing something is lose, coupling’s, etc.


I’ll try those settings next time I go out to the shop, should I swap the old cap back on maybe? that kit off amazon did come with a new swirl ring I think they’re called. I’ll try putting the stock parts back on. What about the feed rate is 110 ipm too slow, too fast?

I just have moisture traps in line to my plasma cutter.

its weird because I have never had this issue with the 1.1 tips that came with the torch, maybe it is just the new parts I got off amazon

@rat196426 @mechanic416 What do I check when you say something could be loose, I just checked when the cap is tightened I can twist it back and forth and the nozzle moves with it is that ok?

Hey @toolboy don’t you run the same setup? what parameters do you use for .8mm tips on 16g steel?

Motor and feed screw couplings could be lose and slipping. With out pictures of the consumables we cant tell if they are even the right ones.


Im using .8mm electrodes and nozzles from everlast

Show us the Amazon listing you purchased from.

Are you using the machine torch mount or the hand torch mount?

Machine torch Don’t buy these lol

I got a good cut last night I switched the pierce height to .15 and pierce delay to .5s and put the stock cap and swirl ring back on and it worked fine, think I still have to tweak the parameter a little because the kerf isn’t exactly 90 degrees but it worked way better


sorry for being absent these days…been bsier than crap…

so I get that from time to time…I find it results from worn consumbles…and a worn swirl ring…

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