Getting Started

Hello everyone. Im new to this and just finished up assembly of the table. I have a couple question about what programs are needed to complete this build. I have download Fire Control, Fusion 360 and Sheet came. I see that Mach 3 is also a available. do I need this to ? again I a new to this and might be a little confused on what each program does.

You do not need Mach3…Fire Control is the new Mach3 for the Langmuir tables

Fusion360 can be very confusing…but there are plenty of guys to help.
You use F360 to design and to convert your design into Gcode by way of the CAM option inside of F360.
SheetCam does the same conversion of a design into Gcode…but you can not design with SheetCam.

if you did not pay for SheetCamthen you have the limited version and can only do very small projects with it…you need to pay for the whole program.

But, since you have F360 you do not need SheetCam at this point.

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