Getting Beveled Cuts

Hey guys have had my table up an running for about a week and love it so far. when cutting thicker material like 3/16 mild steel getting some pretty beveled cuts and trying to figure out the fix. I ordered some new Plasma tips that are on the way in case if this was the cause. The slate bed is leveled, but maybe I need to re align the y axis? Also plasma is a Razor Weld 45 running it @ 30Amps and 30 IPM for 3/16. Any help is much appreciated.

Is your torch perpendicular to the table?

for what it’s worth… I too am cutting 3/16 and have cut a lot of parts, min dross pretty nice really then went really south so I ordered new consumables, cheap ebay for s45 torch. So new tips in place terrible cut very bad bevel lots of dross, checked gantry etc still bad bevel finally changed tip for another new one and bingo nice cuts again… so quality control? who knows. maybe help somebody who is also newbie.

Most likely it’s your tips. If your not using at least 1.0mm tips, you will be blowing out the opening

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Thanks for the responses. I will double check and make sure the Torch is Perpendicular. As for the tips whats the best place to order? I found Gamble Garage but he recommended 0.9 tips. Was trying to find decent 1.0 Tips on Ebay but wasn’t having much luck with the search function.

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.9 will probably do the trick. I use 1.1 but I’m using a different plasma cutter. You can find some 1.0 on eBay, they are just the drag style. They will work just fine

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