Getting an Everlast Power Plasma 82i

So guys I’m getting an Everlast Power Plasma 82i in the next week or two and want to know if anybody has one and if there is anything super important that I should know before I jump in with both feet. I see they offer 0.9mm 1.1mm and 1.2mm consumables. Not sure what size kerf that comes out to but I guess I’ll find out. Any information on that would be wonderful. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to be able to cut 14gauge mild steel with the 0.9mm consumables. If not I could always buy the 62i CNC torch as well but that would be a bummer.

Most of my cutting will be 3/16" to 1/2" I want the lowest draft angle on the cut as possible. Would I achieve that with the 1.2mm consumables? I don’t do a ton of fine detail I mostly want to get square cuts.

The 82i has worked flawlessly for me getting good cuts (in my opinion) between 16ga and 1/2" with the standard consumables. It was pretty straightforward to hook up and get going. Happy to help if you have any issues.

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Love mine!! Working flawless for months now.
I cut 10ga up to 1/2 steel. I use 1.0 for almost everything in the 10 ga range. Bought a PTM 60 from George’s plasma shop for the small and thin stuff. I have the PTM 60 rigged up to the Everlast so all I have to do is switch the end from 80 to 60.
Make sure you wire it for raw voltage. 1.0 tip = .057

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did you use raw voltage or divided voltage for the THC?

Great info thanks. So the CNC connector that it comes with doesn’t do divided voltage? Or it just works better with raw voltage? I’m planning to get the CNC package.

Everlast has a screw up resistor array on the 50:1 board inside the enclosure. Some people get it to work but mine was like 100:1.
The Langmuir control works perfectly with the raw voltage set up. The only thing I have wired to my CNC plug are the on /off pins #1 and 2.

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Thankfully mine has worked fine with divided voltage through the CNC port.