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so I’ve been working on this project and my cut quality is so-so. I’ve done some test cuts and recorded my optimal settings (imo). I ran the design yesterday and it seems no matter what I do I have large pierce holes. I was able to minimize the holes by speeding up the cut, raising the amps a little and reducing the pierce delay. is plasma just not that intricate and am I expecting too much to get fine cuts without small holes at the beginning of my cuts (even on the non-waste side of the cut/offset)? I’m not seeing much dross, or heat. just good clean cuts, but with obvious holes where the cut starts.

I’m cutting 16gauge aluminum, 1.1 tip, 48 amps, 72psi, 110-130ipm.

Are you using lead in and lead outs?

You keep posting setting that don’t make sense to me.

Lead in distance and pierce distance settings? It’s not set to on center is it? What machine? What nozzles?

Not sure I understand.

The setting for you toolpath setup

I just started using sheet cam, so to be honest, I haven’t figured out the tool path setup, but if you are referring to the settings for lead-in and lead-out, I haven’t gotten there yet.

my pierce settings are variable, I was starting at 350ms and then after the initial setting I was changing the remaining settings to 200ms. I did this in mach 3. actually in reverse of what I just said. I made them all 200 and just changed the first one to 350.

and it was set to NO OFFSET, if this is what you mean by on center. I was getting errors every time I tried the other two settings. I’m running an everlasting 60s with the 1.1 tip.

I’m pretty sure guys like me can be frustrating to folks that got the knowledge already.

but thank you for the help.


You have setup the correct offset to account for the kerf so part comes off the table with the correct measurements. If you dont have a lead in. You have noticable holes at your starting points of the cut. No need for a lead out on plasma most of the time.

Ok thank you. I’ll give these a shot.

Hey everybody new here to Cnc plasma looking to get Hypertherm xp but should I get 30 or 45xp and does it make a difference not having thc for piercing

I would spring for the 45xp.Thats what i have and its great.

I have a hypertherm 45xp with the cpc port and a powermax 85 with cpc port. They are the best machines out there imo. The cpc port makes wiring and control of the machine alot easier the 45xp does etching also which is why I bought that machine as well as a great portable cutter in shop and out.

How thick of material can the 45xp cleanly
pierce and can it be done without thc? How long of time needed before proceeding with cut also

What settings are you specifically referring to?

The 45xp can cut cleanly through 1/2" steel, however it needs a method of setting pierce height, pierce delay, and then cut height as soon as the pierce is complete. If you set the torch at the pierce height…then cut at that height expect excess angularity on your cuts. If you set the torch to cut height and pierce at that height, expect rapid damage to the torch nozzle and shield, and poor cut quality. This is true with all plasma torches when cutting thicker than about 1/8". On 1/8" you can pierce and cut at the cut height, though it will have an effect on consumable life. Height control and a separate pierce height are the best ways to improve cut quality, consumable life and operating cost with any plasma cutter. Jim Colt


By the way,

You could do your cut file in a couple of layers (though don’t ask me how as I have never used the Langmuir software!). The first later to pierce all the holes (with the torch set at the pierce height (found on the cut charts in the operators manual on Hypertherm Powermax systems of 45 amps and larger), the second layer can edge start on the pre-pierced holes with the torch set at the correct cut height (usually .060" with a Powermax). This will improve consumable life and maintain the best cut quality. Jim Colt

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thanks Jim. I figured this is what I would do based on all my issues thus far. I am going to purchase the Hyperderm 45xp with both hand torches. I am going to keep my Everlast 60s with the hand torch. I still cut some pretty thick stuff for my welding projects so I will definitely still use the Everlast. But I will make the Hyperderm my dedicated table machine.

What are your thoughts on this?


Gunny0628, You will find that the 60 amp Everlast will cut no thicker or faster than the Powermax45xp. Cut thickness and speed is not a function of Amperage, rather it is Wattage. The Hypertherm torches operate at a higher load voltage as compared to other technologies, Amperage x Load Voltage = Wattage. You will see similar or faster speeds and thicker severance capability with the 45 amp Powermax as compared to the 60 Amp Everlast unit. On top of that…consumable parts life (assuming you pay close attention to the specs in the cut charts) will be 3 to 5x that of the Everlast. This is what the Hypertherm systems have built their reputation on. Jim Colt

Thanks Jim, I just meant that I would limit the wear and tear on the Hypertherm unit by using the Everlast to cut sheets down to size, cut railroad ties, stakes and mending plates, etc. Was gonna leave the Everlast to do the dirty work, even though the Hypertherm is more than capable.