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been reading for a while. First post.
Let me tell you this has been a ordeal, I am 6 months into my new cross fire and have yet to be able to cut a single project. Customer service is slow and poor it takes a week to do one email back and forth. I think that in spite of the bad customer service I have finally got it to a point I can cut something out. I have scrapped over $300 worth of material so far.
My main question for right now is to get some opinion on the best metal thickness tp use for something like wind spinners and wall art. I have a bunch of very thin copper clad steel (like 22-24g) but it curls up so bad when it gets hot that you can’t use it with the plasma cutter/
Even at 10 amps it is too hot.
Help please

Did the cutter come with a chart, maybe in the manual? Which plasma cutter and what size tip are you using?

We cut a TON of windspinners at my former employer. I’m trying to remember for sure, but I think we used either 18ga or 16ga SS. We were laser cutting them, but you should see similarly good results from a dialed in plasma.