Gene from Marcellus, Michigan

I have been using my Pro with the Plasmacut 45 w/THC for about 1 month without any problems. Yesterday I started to get bad cuts. It may or may not start out just fine but it stops cutting thru the material and it sounds like it is whistling. I have an inline filter but could it still be dirt in the line? I have changed the Electrode and tip a couple of times. I am busy and I am not on here all that much. If anyone can help me it sure would be nice. If I do not see ya on the forum my email is

What type of filter?

I have a water and standard air filter at the machine. But I think I found the problem. The cutting tip and the previous tip both had a burr in the orifice. I removed the burrs and cleaned the working end of the torch with compressed air. That seemed to work and I was able to finish my project without any further trouble. Thanks