GEN 1 Razorweld 20:1 vs 50:1 (THC) PLEASE HELP

Hello folks, forgive me for my ignorance but I’m at my last straw on researching information on the GEN 1 Crossfire with the THC upgrade. I found out my Razorweld cut 45 cnc has 1 cnc port (2 pin) and puts out a output of 5.75 volt DC on my DMM (digital multimeter) I did read the trouble shot forum but couldn’t find anything on the Razorweld cut45 cnc with 1 cnc port. I was also told that version is 20:1 vs 50:1 which has a output of 1 volt - 3 volt DC Anybody has any kind of advise, guidance, help, on this issue? its been 4 months trying to figure out with very little success. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated. I’m been thinking of paying for someone’s services to help me out with this. I really don’t know where else to go from here. Again forgive me for my ignorance just trying to to figure things out. Thank you in advance. Oh. I also did notice the 5.7 volt out from the Razorweld 45 cnc port polarity output is backwards, On my DMM, was saying -5.70 volt instead of 5.70 volt. I did reverse the wires but nothing happened. I do hear a click when i run the test feature on the firecontol software. Also been using the test feature and does not pass the test.

Hi Rommel… Sorry it took so long for someone to get back to you…

Please take a look here and see if this doesn’t help you at all----> LS-THC User Guide | Langmuir Systems

Also, the people at LS are willing to give you a hand getting set up… Maybe shoot them an email and they’ll help you get started…

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Thank you very much for the reply. Much appreciated. I went crazy posting in every LS forum , social media I can find for help. Lol. I got 2 responses. They weren’t sure, but suggested to hard wire. After long hours of reading online. I went ahead and did a hardwire. I messed up a few times but got it figured out. I have everything working. Just have to figure out now how to get clean cuts. I’m so used to CNC routers and Laser cutters. Now I have to learn Plasma cnc settings. On another side note if anyone in need for assistance on this issue, I’m more than happy to help out on this. Information on these type of Razorweld cut 45 cnc is very minimal. Also Razorweld was very helpful on converting 20:1 to 50:1 using resistors. But I got response 2 days late. I already got it hardwire. But I still have that information.

So you went the route of using the RAW voltages from inside the machine? I have an Everlast that I went with RAW as well… Couldn’t be happier and it’s not too hard in the end anyways…

Good luck with getting your cuts cleaned up… Takes a little bit of playing around with settings but, you will get there… Seems to me the thicker of material you go, the easier it is to get a good cut… My experience anyways… And, keep that air dry!!!

Let us know what you’re doing… Maybe some will chime in with their experiences!!

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Yes. Went RAW. Absolutely. I’ll be posting my progress here.

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