Garden Tractor Pull Style Box Blade

I’ve got a bit of dirt to manage around my place and I wanted something that I could use to level things out. After some research I came across the pull style box blade design and it fits the bill for my needs pretty well. This YouTube video provided a ton of information and measurements for a proven design. I used this and some other pictures as the inspiration for my build:

I have a rattle trap of a garden tractor with turf tires and a super impressive 14 hp at the crank. Based on this criteria I decided to limit the width of my Box Blade to 48". I have to say that I’m very, very impressed at just how good of a job this pull style box blade does.

After using it for a few hours my observations are:

  • I need to add some weight to the back of my lawn tractor
  • I need to lower the tire pressure of the rear tires of the lawn tractor
  • More aggressive chevron style traction tires would provide greater pulling traction
  • With more power and more traction at the tractor (or ATV) the Box Blade could use some small suitcase weights to provide better performance when scalping off the high spots
  • Upgrading to 12v linear actuators would be a huge improvement over the jack screws that I made from 3/4" threaded rod


Very nice! Do you have plans for this that you would be willing to share?

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very nice work

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So, it looks like the “inspiration” video uses hydraulics but you opted for mechanical height adjustment. I agree that the 12v actuators would be nice as well. Having said that, I believe your design is a better fit for those of us with ATVs/lawn tractors. I’m with Burgs04, “Do you have plans that you would sell?”