Gantry Squreness


I am assembling my crossfire pro. My gantry isn’t square how do I fix it? It’s about 1/8” to 1/4” off. When I measure the guide rails on either side liek the directions say they are the same dimensions. But When I jog it to the most negative in “y” axis and most positive in “x” axis the left bearing assembly hits the stop and the right has that error. When I go to the most positive in “y” axis the right hits and left has an error. Please help!

Turn your machine power supply off and manually turn the lead screws to square your machine.

Tried that. The gantry isn’t budgeting at all. Thanks for the reply.

The rails may be parallel but that does not mean the machine is square. Measure corner to corner ( front left, right back and right front, left back) the numbers should be the same +/- 1/16 or better. This would be easier with out the X gantry installed but it can be done. You can loosen the ball screws, move the gantry all the way forward and back by hand and it should move without much effort. If it does, move it all the way forward and check which side is not touching the riser plates. I had my machine square but I had to loosen the bolts mounting the gantry to the carriages because I didn’t have them against the riser plates when I tightened them and it would bind up a little. So I created my problem myself. So, with that said, you should check your table for squareness it you haven’t yet.

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