Gantry Bearings thrust washer

So i have been cutting alot of orders for fathers day and today while jogging the machine around we were hearing funny sound, sounded like something crossed between a ticking and scraping.

Well we spent ages trying to find it. Finally with the help of a stethoscope tracked it down too one of the bearings on the gantry.

When we removed the bearing block sure enough one of the bearing was notchy and slightly tighter than the others, so my intention was to go to the bearing shop tomorrow (Monday) here in Oz tho get a replacement, But when we finally got the pin out ( what a pain in the ass that was) we found this ( See below Pic ) so now that it is apart the bearing runs fine so can only assume it was caught on assembly.

No big deal will replace bearing while out anyway.

You can order that whole assembly from langmuir…I dont think its meant to be taken apart and serviced but not 100% sure.

If you have a small press like an Arbour press removing the pins is rather easy. Bearings. I bought 100 off ebay for 20 bucks and got 20 of the smaller ones for the torch carrier for 14. I must have lost the paper the bearing # s was on. Or as Heath stated im sure you could buy the whole assembly or the bearing blocks with bearings pre installed.

We did press it out but it was extremly tight my guess is due to the washer being pinched.

There extremely tight even if the washers are not pinched. If yours is still under warrenty they will make it right with you if you contact them.

Should be only had it since november. Whats the best way to contact.

On the main page at the right there is a dropdown named (About), it has a contact tab to click on. Or find a topic where Daniel had replied and click his name and send a message to him direct.

I have posted a message for him to contact me because for some reason i cannot send him a PM.

Ok he will get back to you when he sees it im sure.

Hey Glen sorry about that. Send an email to and they’ll send you a new bearing block assembly under warranty. Just let them know which type you need.

Thats great i. I am a novice when it comes to Facebook. So i will send it through soon.