Gantry alignment issue

I was doing the gantry alignment per the assembly video but the gantry at the Y axis point is off by at least 3/16 of an inch. I can not adjust it out. I am using the water table with it. The slats seem to be pretty even.

When I did mine, I left the slats and water table off. Took a piece of 1.5" square tube and layed it across and used that to check height


It seems to be a running issue with people having uneven slats who have purchased the water table. I know mine were off as well. I like gamblegarage’s approach to gantry alignment. Although, I’m not sure it would help much if the gantry is leveled with the frame and not the slats? Once you put the slats on and then a piece of metal on top for cutting, wouldn’t it then be off? I suppose you could shim the piece for cutting to make it level.