G02 or G03 R vs I J

Does anyone know if R is supported for interpolated arcs?

OK, that’s not very clear. I’m asking about G02 and G03 parameters, which are for drawing arcs. You can specify the center of the circle with I and J or you can write the radius with R. Supposedly most controllers accept R but I don’t know about the CrossFire Pro controller.

The controller will accept R value radius commands, but IJk is preferred.


OK. Thanks!

Does the controller know about G90.1 and G91.1? All of the examples I’ve run on my machine appear to have relative I and J values but G91.1 is not set anywhere so I assume the default is relative.


Correct, it does not ‘know’ about G90.1 and G91.1. These values (IJK) are relative by default.