G,day from Wodonga (and Canberra)

Hello fellow Langmuir users. Looking to buy the new model and want to speak with Australians that have bought previously, Freight, Shipping, Time for shipping, Costs. All things about getting system from there to here and requirements prior to using (voltage issues etc).
Any help would be appreciated. I work in Canberra during the week. so I have seen another user in Canberra.
Is it worth hooking up with another person and sharing the shipping costs.

Regards Russ

there is a users map on the forum…I know there are a few Aussies here…there are users in several parts of Europe…the table has a 220/110v switch for the pc interface for FireControl…so that is not an issue…
it is just your plasma cutter that you have to research…

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At this time you can only purchase the original CrossFire or the CrossFire Pro. The CrossFire XR is too big & heavy that it has to be shipped by freight truck. It’s only available for purchase in the (48 contiguous states) USA at this time.


yup…can not even get it in Canada…and that is by land just north of NYC…

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Hi Russ,
I’m in Adelaide and have the Cross Fire Pro.
Happy to talk you through my experiences in getting ordering, building and the process modifying a CIGWeld Cutskill plasma cutter.
Drop me message.

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hi there ben, i recently purchased the crossfire pro with thc just wanted to ask if you are using thc and what live voltage are you getting? im currently seeing 240v with the software is saying is too high.
any info / help would be greatly appricated

regards mez

Hi Mez,
Yes, I have THC and it’s working fine. I’m seeing somewhere between 130V - 132V.

I’m far from an expert on this…

Have you mod’d your plasma cutter or does it have a cnc port built in?
Seeing 240V as a live voltage makes me think the installation of the voltage sensing might be incorrect and that you’ve tied to a power supply line rather than the plasma output.

Message me directly with some more details and I’ll see if I can help you diagnose it.