G.codes for DTHC on/off snippets

We are new with plasma cutting and we are trying to put to work our new XR, down here in Costa Rica. I am having trouble cutting 1/4" and 3/8" small ovals and seems like I need a Path Rule to slower and turn off THC, but I found out that the respective snippets should be programed and I don´t know the codes.
If somebody can help me wit the info I would appreciatted much.
Can somebody tell me if it is right to use s10 to turn DTHC OFF and s900 to turn it on?

What CAM program are you using?

If you put in a rule in your CAM to slow your cutting down for the circles, you can set your THC to disable at a certain % in firecontrol.

Default THC turns off at 85% speed, most people run circles at ~50-60% speed so THC automatically disables