G code shortcuts

I thought we could use a thread on G-code short cuts.
these could be postings of g-code lines that people can insert into their program to do some simple

Now there are some of these in different threads…but I though it would be good in one place.


insert a couple of code lines that after the torch cuts off…raises to a height…pauses the program to allow the compressor to catch up or Plasma to duty cycle…then drops down back into the program.

Raise up torch and return to start point
once the piece is cut the torch can raise up and travel out of the way and cool off without splashing water all over.

looking forward to this great forums response



Some one must have some code lines to have torch return to home and raise up…

Even code lines for a pause

Not sure if this is what you are looking for?? about page 15 there are some codes…

The whole thing is interesting reading, way over my head but if you know how to write G-code…
you can always google for G-code shortcuts on google…


@toolboy did you have any luck getting code snippets made for either of the 2 examples you gave?
I thought this was a great topic for a thread and a bit of a shame that it stalled out.

I did some searching and couldn’t find much info on code snippets.
I saw a few brief references, but no good use case examples.

My hope would be to get a few g code snippets examples that I can add to my sheetcam tools library.

I find little bits and pieces in various threads, but am not sure if there for Mach3 or Fire control (not sure if the g code libraries are the same for both)…Some people are hand editing there g code and others are inserting using the g code snippet feature in sheetcam.

Here is what I found:

  • M00 = pause until you hit resume (regardless of the optional stop switch setting)
  • M01 = pause until you hit resume (only if the optional stop switch is on)
  • G04 Pnnn = pause for x amount of time (So a 2 second pause would be g04 P2000 - time depends on the Dwell configuration setting as either Milliseconds or Seconds so you might need to adjust that value depending on which your using)
  • M3 = arc start
  • M5 = arc stop
  • G0 = rapid move
  • G1 = move at the feed rate specified
  • H0 = Disables THC (MCB has control of Z)
  • H1 = Enables THC (THC has control of Z)

Pretty sure Langmuir said not to enable/disable the THC in your rules for things like hole and corner rules because the THC is already doing that for you (or some reason other reason I have already forgotten).

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As far as “returning home” I have Sheetcam move the torch head all the way over to my x=0 and y=16 like so for removing cuts easily from the table after cutting. One could add in a z option as well… Sheetcam auto adds this to the end of the code for me… Like so…


So parking runs on completion of your job.
I forgot all about that setting (not like I was sure what it did in the first place).

Thanks for the tip!

This is also useful for moving your torch to a spot that has some plate covering the water in the water table so that you don’t get as much splatter during post flow.


That’s exactly what I wanted to do,
Thanks guys