G-Code. Rhino, AutoCAD Lite

Where can I find answers to CAD questions? I use AutoCAD lite and Rhino. I don’t want to use Fusion 360. Does anyone Use Rhino?

You can use any program that outputs a DXF or SVG file and use Sheetcam for CAM .

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As @ds690 pointed out, SheetCam will provide the CAM function (converting 2D design to GCode for the FireControl controller) for any CAD application, including Fusion 360, that can generate DXF or SVG files. I recommend SVG format, but you can use either with SheetCam. You can get a slight discount buying SheetCam from Langmuir Systems or buy it directly online. You’re looking for Sheetcam TNG and it’s very easy to learn and use.


Are you using Rhino for 3D printing, and do you do any scanning?

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Thank you.

I’ve always used Rhino for both router output and for 3D printing. I do plan to add scanning in the future and played around with photo gammetry a few years ago.

I bought the SheetCam over the weekend and am looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for the reponse.

I have Einscan SP heading my way and if I can’t get it to work with fusion than Rhino is on the the short list to tryout.