G Code is smaller on Fire Control?

I am having trouble with my G code on Fire Control. I have it saved on Inkscape as dimensions 6" wide and 2 inches height. After I put it on Fusion and make the toolpath and convert it to G code, it is much smaller on the Firecontrol at 1.65 wide and .65 heighth? What am I doing wrong?

batman new 1.nc (8.6 KB)
Batman Logo

That SVG measures about .65 x 1.65 when imported into Fusion with no scaling. I am not familiar with Inkscape, so not sure on the save options. Are you sure you are using inches in Inkscape and not metric? That SVG needs to be scaled up by x3.75 to make it 6" wide.

Yea it was all on inches. Inkscape, fusion and fire control. I ended up scaling it bigger on fire control. I know I’m doing something wrong. I need to figure it out soon if I need exact measurements. I was fighting the scaling for a bit on fire control to somewhat get the size I was looking for.

I dont know but when that happens to me i resize it in firecontrol to the size I want. I beleive its the scale function. Move the slider over to turn scale on. I havnt used scale function in a long time but I beleive it starts out as 1. And if you want it twice as big put a 2 in there or what ever you need. Takes some playing with to figure it out.