G-Code Cheat Sheet

I have been spending sometime learning G-code so that I can quickly troubleshoot potential issues. I made myself a reminder cheat sheet and thought I would share with you guys. I tried to upload a PDF, but this site will not allow. Copied below.


F= Feed Rate
G= Motion
I,J= Incremental Center of Arc
N= Line Number
P= Pierce Delay
X= Horizontal Position
Y= Vertical Position
M3= Spindle On (Torch On)
M5= Spindle Off (Torch Off)
M30= End of Program
G0= Rapid Tool Position
G1= Linear Feed Rate Move
G2= Clockwise Circular Feed rate Move
G3= Counter Clockwise Circular Feed rate Move
G4= Dwell
G70= Inches Units
G90= Absolute Positioning Mode
G91= Incremental Positioning Mode

(Example Project Name)
N10 G90 (N10= Line Number)(G90=Absolute Positioning Mode)
N15 G70 (G70=Inches Unit)

(2D Profile2)
N20 G0 X0.7125 Y2.2725 (G0= Rapid Tool Position)(X,Y=Position)
N25 M3 (M3=Spindle On)
N30 G4 P0.001 (G4=Dwell) (P=Pierce delay)
N35 G3 X0.6525 Y2.2125 I0. J-0.06 F100. (G3=Counter Clockwise Circular Feed Rate Move)(X,Y=Position)(I,J=Incremental Center of arc)(F=Feed Rate)
N40 G1 Y2.1525 (G1=Linear Feed Rate Move) (Y=position)
N45 G1 X5.1975 (G1=Linear Feed Rate Move) (X=Position)
N50 G1 Y4.8475 (G1=Linear Feed Rate Move) (Y=position)
N55 G1 X3.675 (G1=Linear Feed Rate Move) (X=Position)
N60 G2 X3.6475 Y4.875 I0. J0.0275 (G2=Clockwise Circular Feed Rate Move) (X,Y=Position)(I,J=Incremental center of arc)
N65 G1 Y6.1414 (G1=Linear Feed Rate Move) (Y=position)
N70 G3 X2.2025 I-0.7225 J0. (G3=Counter Clockwise Circular Feed Rate Move) (X,Y=Position)(I,J=Incremental center of arc)
N75 G1 Y4.875 (G1=Linear Feed Rate Move) (Y=position)
N80 G2 X2.175 Y4.8475 I-0.0275 J0. (G2=Clockwise Circular Feed Rate Move) (X,Y=Position)(I,J=Incremental center of arc)
N85 G1 X0.6525 (G1=Linear Feed Rate Move) (X=Position)
N90 G1 Y2.2125 (G1=Linear Feed Rate Move) (Y=position)
N95 M5 (M5=Spindle Off)

N100 M30 (M30= End of Program)