Fusion3670 error

I’m having an issue with successfully completing a setup for my Crossfire. Is there a way to get help for that?

What is your issue. I am sure someone here can help.

I’m not getting a completed tool path and am not sure how to correct. Using F360 if anyone can help. Thanks

In the browser bar on the left it’s showing you this warning. The orange triangle with an exclamation mark.

When you click it it’ll likely say " some contours were discarded due to linking constraints"

This means that Fusion calculated that your lead-ins and lead outs and lead an angle and lead in radius and Pierce clearance all added up to too much to fit inside the shape you’re trying to cut.

The solution is to reduce all those values and potentially even the kerf width till fusion generates a path in those contours.

You may have to even redesign the geometry itself if it’s too small.

Click that Orange triangle and see if that’s the error it’s warning you about.

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That seemed to work , I dont see anymore errors and the simulation runs fine…what file type do I save as from fusion to my computer. I cant seem to upload to crossfire when saved as DXF.

The extension you’re looking for is *.nc .

In the last page of manufacturing where you put in your Pierce height and cut height on the left side of that menu there’s a folder button that you can press that should open the folder that contains NC files you’ve been making.

Also when you create a new file in the bottom right hand corner it’ll pop up for a second and you can open up the folder there as well.

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I’m sorry … I can not locate this file…can you walk me through the how to save properly from fusion so I can find the file in crossfire?

By default, Fusion 360 saves G-code to the following folder (in Windows at least):

My Documents/Fusion 360/NC Programs

From there you should see a file with the name you selected during Post Processing

(In my pic, file name is 1001. The extension is .nc by default.)
Disregard the v1.7 post. I modified the stock 1.6 post to control Springback / Backlash.

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