Fusion360 Shutting down with an error

So I downloaded a part from Fireshare. When I go thru the steps of inserting the .dxf file in as a new sketch, no problem. When I then go to the manufacture process and start setting up the thickness and changing it to inches, an Autodesk Fusion360 error screen pops up stating that there was an unexpected error and Fusion is shutting down. Never got to the step of saving the sketch. When it shuts down, I loose everything. Anyone else having this problem? Today I have tried to do the same thing, and four times it keeps shutting down with an unexpected error.

Does it happen with all the files on fileshare?
Can you link the one in particular that you’re using? You should be able to save right after you insert your DXF. Saving your file is the first thing you should do in fusion360 so it properly registers your history.