Fusion won't complete toolpath

I get 98.6% finished and it stalls there. I have an extruded part .125 and it has a lot of lettering. It was designed in Inkscape and imported into Fusion as an SVG I tried as a DXF and that was worse. Also do you know why all of my Inkscape designs chance size when imported into Fusion? I would like to add a screenshot but I don’t see how. BTW I thought at first this was Fusion being down for maintenance.

I have an original Crossfire and use Mach3. slavecfamilyranchVT

After 9 tries on different settings I got this error… * Technical Support

“Internal CAM Kernel Error” when generating a 2D Contour in Fusion 360

Please report through your support channel . Try the following to successfully generate the toolpath: Disable Multiple Depths Change the Top Height settings…

I’m using a Gen1 Crossfire. No Z/ torch height control.

The size change is probably due to document unit settings or DPI. At least that’s what affects it in sheetcam.

I can’t help you with the toolpath, I use sheet cam. If you do a lot of artsy stuff it’s probably worth the investment. You would have been done with this project on the first attempt.

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completely agree with brownfox…why design in Inksape…and export to confusion360 in dfx…why not just get sheetcam…and export from inkscape as plainsvg and run sheetcam…done…

I provided an answer to both questions in the other thread you posted in about this problem.

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Sheetcam, I don’t think it works with my Gen 1. If it does I would like to try it. I stopped using my Crossfire over 2 years ago because I had to put it in storage for a bit. Then when I got it out Fusion 360 had an update and a GUI change and I couldn’t figure it out. I went back to making metal projects by hand. Now I’m trying to come up to speed but it seems like I keep hitting new problems. It’s very frustrating. I want to upgrade to an XL with THC but money it tight.

It does. I switched over to Sheetcam with my original Crossfire a couple of years ago. I uploaded a custom post-processor because Langmuir didn’t have one for Sheetcam & the Gen1 Crossfire. There were a couple of others that were posted by folks here too. Mine was designed to fix the problem with Mach3 and the seconds/milliseconds issue and output the correct commands regardless of what you spec’ed in the tool definition.

What’s causing you problems trying to get things fired back up?

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Using Sheetcam really sounds like a better option over Fusion 360 with artsy type projects. The fact that every project I bring from Inkscape to Fusion whether it’s an SVG or DXF has been a headach. The dxf was more than 10x scae and the svg was roughly 1/4 scale. I did however just break apart a sign I designed for a friend’s acerage up on the nor cal coast near Oregon. I literally started it just before Fusion changed their interface…I made it by hand and he liked it but I wasn’t satisfied with the lettering… This time at it, it was not finishing the tool path. Then I made it in 2 pieces. I bought a new laptop when Fusion started messing up and would not load. I bought it just for this with an i7 and 12gigs of ram. I thought it would be enough. I’m slowly getting the hang of inkscape and Fusion but Sheetcam is looking more versatile.

When doing that kind of work you’ll probably be much happier using sheetcam over fusion.

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