Fusion update this morning

Fusion 360 updated this morning and has added Langmuir plasma to the Fusion machine post processor list.


Well that is awesome news.

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What else did Fusion do? Cant get much further than the login. One computer says my subscription is read only and expired( renewed the first of the year).

If it says you’re expired and you’re using your same login details I would just try to go through the renewal process again.

I haven’t read anywhere that they were changing their personal use terms

I just renewed. The Hobbiest version is good for 3 years, not sure if its renewable past that. I was able to download to 1 computer but the Website is acting weird,keeps kicking out the renewal.
Next question, whats the benefit to have LS on the post processor list? Convenience? Everyone knows theirs a dropdown right?

I guess for the same reason they have all the other equipment manufacturers on their list.

They probably realize people have a hard time downloading a *.PST file and then finding it in their file system and loading it into Fusion 360.


My understanding is that the Langmuir post processor in their library is not working in Firecontrol. It adds line numbers that Firecontrol can’t process.

Looks like about a couple weeks ago they’re recommending not to use it yet.
I haven’t seen anything different so it’s probably still the case.


Uh, I’ve looked at their post processors and it’s a single line of code to enable/disable line numbers in the output. Just sayin’

From a Fusion 360 Post Processor, here is the change, in the ‘properties’ section, that needs to be made:

  showSequenceNumbers: {
    title      : "Use sequence numbers",
    description: "Use sequence numbers for each block of outputted code.",
    group      : "formats",
    type       : "boolean",
    value      : true,     <=== set this to 'false'
    scope      : "post"

The rest of the code looks at the property ’ showSequenceNumbers’ to see if sequence numbers should be output.


I had not even looked yet but seems it like an easy fix.

I was looking this morning and I can not find autodesk’s Langmuir Crossfire fire post in the list.