Fusion sheetmetal

Has anyone been using the sheet metal workspace? I got a swag offroad finger press and was wondering if anyone had any tips on transferring the bend locations to the actual part being cut? Just measuring it out?

If the piece is small enough you can print the dxf to scale and lay over your part.

Measure is the easiest. I use a cheap pair of 12" calipers from harbor freight to score my lines.

Or when you create your flat pattern in F360 you can add lines to cut to help with bending and locate bends. See picture below.


Did you cut this part using two setup? I tried with one and the fusion start the cut 90° of the fold lines… not really beautiful…

That’s a nice looking part, what bender you using?

I think this one was 3 setups.

First one did the small hole upper left.

Second did all the bend lines. Settings are centered, no lead in, no lead out and no pierce clearance.

Third was the inside rectangles and outside profile.


This part was small enough and thin enough to use handheld seaming pliers for sheet metal.


I use the unfold tool, then project the bend lines. With the bend lines projected, I either draw a triangle, or a circle on the edge of the part, and extrude cut.

Sorry, the picture is a little out of focus on the front corner, but you can see the half circles at the bends.

This was 16 gauge steel, bent with a sheet metal brake. I also have the swag offroad press brake.

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